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Exam Site Candidate & Instructor Polices

SKEMS Examination Policies

SKEMS Registration for an Examination Site

A.    The following documents and fees must be post marked and sent to the SKEMS office no later than thirty (30) calendar days prior to
the examination site date.  Send registration forms and payment to SKEMS, 475 South Towns Blvd, Garden City, Kansas 67846.

1.     Initial Courses and Individual Registration
a.     The I/C must submit a class roster containing names of all candidates to be examined.
b.    The I/C must submit his/her e-mail address to SKEMS
c.     SKEMS fee must be a money order or an institutional check for each candidate listed on the roster. No cash or personal checks.
d.    The I/C will be sent an electronic letter of confirmation of examination location and date.
e.     The I/C is responsible to notify each candidate of examination location and date.
f.     The I/C is responsible to provide each candidate of the dress code and items needed for the examination. Items to bring to test site, paper work from the  Board Office, a photo ID and a number 2 pencil.
g.    Individuals applying for examination must provide SKEMS with an application to test. This is found on the SKEMS web site. The dress code and other information are also listed on the web site. This is also a 30 day pre registration and pay. Paid by money order or institutional check. No cash or personal checks. Items to bring to test site paper work from the Board Office, a photo ID and a number 2 pencil.

2.     Individual applying for a re-test.
a.     Candidate must submit an application for re-test.
b.    Candidate must submit appropriate SKEMS fee with a money order or an institutional check.
c.     Candidate must bring the original form of previous examination attempts provided by KSBEMS with a photo ID, and a number 2 pencil to the examination site.
d.    Candidate must provide an e-mail address or contact phone number to SKEMS
e.     SKEMS will provide candidate with a conformation of examination site and date of examination and dress code for the examination.

B.    Kansas State Board of EMS application for all levels of examination must be completed and presented at the examination site by the candidate for examination.  These documents must not be sent to the SKEMS office.

C.    Candidates may not test before the last day of class listed on the course approval application filed with KSBEMS

D.    Any documents not in compliance with stated instructions will cause the candidate to be refused admission to the examination site and may cause forfeiture of SKEMS examination fee.

E.    Payment of fees must be post marked and sent to SKEMS office no later than thirty (30) calendar days before examination date according to the following schedule.

1.     Initial examination
EMT-B                                  $100.00
EMT                                     $100.00
EMT-I                                   $100.00
First Responder                      $75.00
EMR                                      $75.00

2.     Re-test examination
EMT-B and/or EMT 1 or 2 station                $50.00
EMT-B and/or EMT 3 station                      $100.00
EMT-I  1 or 2 station                                  $50.00
EMT-I  3 station                                         $100.00
EMT-I written                                             $15.00
First Responder and/or EMR 1 or 2 station   $37.50
First Responder and/or EMR 3 station          $75.00

F.    All requests for refunds will be considered if notice is given twenty (20) calendar days before scheduled examination date. Cancellation of candidate can be made by phone (620-290-2001) or e-mail to (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

G.    To reschedule to another site the candidate must do so following the registration processes.

Candidate Dress Code for Examination Site

A.    In order to maintain a professional and non-offensive environment in which to conduct examinations the following guidelines for dress at an examination sites will be STRICTLY adhered to.
1.     No logos identifying EMS, fire department or training institution affiliation may be worn on hats, shirts, jackets, or other clothing.
2.     Shorts must be knee length.
3.     Shirts and blouses must be sufficient to cover the chest.  Tank tops, sleeveless blouses and spaghetti straps are examples of the type of inappropriate apparel.
4.     Waistlines must be covered.  Men and Women must wear shirts or blouses that extend down below the beltline of the pants or be long enough so they can be
tucked in to the pants.  The waist/abdomen must remain covered even when the candidate is bending and during all parts of the examination.

B.    Any candidate arriving for an examination that is not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to take the examination.  Candidates will be given an opportunity to change into appropriate attire so long as the examination schedule is not disrupted.  Any candidate unable or unwilling to comply with a request to adhere to the dress code will forfeit the examination fee.  All decisions regarding the appropriateness of a candidate’s attire will be the responsibility of Site Coordinator who will have final say.

Examination Site Cancellation

A.    In the event that an examination site must be cancelled due to lack of Examiners or examiner assistants or due to low registration for the examination site a minimum of twenty (20) calendar days notice will be given to all examination candidates registered for the examination site.  This notice may be made by telephone, e-mail, US mail, or fax.

B.    In the event of inclement and dangerous weather or road conditions in the area of the examination site, notice will be placed on the voice mail recorder (620 290 2001) and the SKEMS web site ( as soon as the decision is made to cancel the examination site.  Attempts will be made to contact all registered examination candidates by telephone or e-mail informing them of the cancellation.

C.    SKEMS will not be held responsible for failure to make contact with registered examination candidates regarding weather cancellations.  Examination candidates are advised to remain aware of weather forecasts in the area of the examination site location and check the examination site status via phone or SKEMS web site prior to leaving for the examination site. In the unlikely event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, adequate    examination staff is unavailable to properly staff an examination site on the day of the examination, the examination site will be cancelled.  If this occurs all fees would be transferred to the next available examination date.


A.    SKEMS is not obligated to provide “same day re-tests” of practical skills examinations for examination candidates that unsuccessfully challenged examinations at any examination site.

B.    The decision to allow same day re-testing is solely that of the individual Site Coordinator for that examination site on the day of the examination and is not subject to variance. That decision will be based on projected workload and number of examiners and assistances available to accomplish the task.

C.    If the decision is made to allow same day re-test, it will be announced by the Examination Site Coordinator of that examination site.

D.    The decision to allow same day re-testing is solely that of the individual Examination Site Coordinator for that examination site on the day of the examination and is not subject to variance.

E.    Examination candidates requiring re-examination other than same day re-tests must apply for the desired examination site according to policies stated for examination registration.  All required forms and fees must be submitted.

F.    A candidate is allowed only one re-test per station at any given examination site.

G.    A candidate who fails all three skills stations in the initial examination attempt is not eligible for same day re-testing.

H.    A candidate requesting a re-test, other than same day re-testing will not be allowed to register for a re-test until he/she has received official notification of performance from KSBEMS.

On-Site Examinations.

SKEMS will conduct on-site examinations at the request of the educational program. This request will be decided by SKEMS Exam Coordinator. This based on other sites that are being done and the availability of testing personal. The following conditions need to be met also.

A minimum of fifteen (15) candidates to be tested

The location of the exam is approved, in advance, by the Regional Exam Coordinator.

The program sponsoring the exam agrees to provide all testing equipment, in adequate quantities and in good working order.

The program sponsoring the exam agrees to provide one assistant and one patient for each exam station anticipated.  These cannot be affiliated with the training program.

If the above conditions are not met the day of the exam the Site Coordinator may cancel the exam and all fees paid to SKEMS will be forfeited.

Grievances and Incident Reporting

A.    Any individual wishing to submit a grievance regarding the administration of the examination process or of any decisions made during an examination process should do so by filing a written report of their grievance with the Site Coordinator prior to leaving the examination site.

B.    The Examination Site Coordinator will evaluate all grievances received.  A report of the grievance and its resolutionwill be given to the SKEMS Exam Coordinator.

C.    All examiners will file incident reports with the individual Examination Site Coordinator when any incident occurs that is not within the normal operation or administration of the examination process.  This reporting is mandatory.

D.    Any examination candidate wishing to file a complaint regarding the examination process with the Kansas Board Of EMS should contact the assigned Examination Site Coordinator and complete the appropriate complaint form. The completed form must be returned to the Examination Site Coordinator.  The complaint will be investigated with follow up reports from all that are involved and forwarded to the Kansas State Board of EMS. Not following this process could lead to dismissal of your complaint.

Quality Improvement

A.    SKEMS Exam Coordinator will conduct periodic quality improvement activities at selected test sites. These will Include, but not be limited to, videotaping of skills stations with permission from everyone being videoed and by direct observation of stations.

B.    The data collected will remain the exclusive property of SKEMS, unless otherwise approved by the SKEMS Regional Council.

C.    This data will be used for examiner training sessions to improve the inter-rater reliability of examinations conducted by SKEMS.

This is subject to change as the need occurs. Adopted August 22, 2011.